Create a number of Brand Advocates for Jameson and the Jameson Experience. By getting the right people drinking and talking about Jameson, the idea was to spread the word that Jameson is a friend, a Brand that looks after customers. To get the right people, something new was needed, something exciting and different…


We adopted a highly-targeted approach. Carefully-recruited Brand Ambassadors approached potential candidates in their natural habitat – fashionable bars all over the country. 

Likely Advocates were invited by mail to visit a website where a personalised video message told them how they could enjoy an exclusive night out, on Jameson, with 20 friends.

This hand-finished invite was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Jameson, with every step of the way marked by personalised, bespoke messaging – right down to a hand-drawn typeface.


Over 400 loyal Brand Advocates recruited, people who will spread the word that Jameson is a good, fun drink on a night out with friends.