The experience was out of this world. The sights, the sounds, the taste.
It will live long in the memory. Now, why not take the experience home with you - that will live long on the coffee table, the book shelf on the wall or in your wardrobe. Take home a piece of the Guinness Storehouse. Take the taste home. Take the legacy home. Take the story home. And retell it over and over.


The Store at the Guinness Storehouse is not some gift shop you have to walk through as you leave. Like the Gravity Bar, The Guinness Academy, The World of Advertising and The Connoisseur Bar. It is part of the experience. It is not just a shop that sells a logo on a shirt or glass. It is a fashion brand. It is a lifestyle. And through our photography and the surrounding, stunning locations we build on that brand to create something magical.